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Zerbini Family Circus Covid-19 Protocols & Guidelines

  1. The circus tent will be erected in order to provide the audience protection from the weather. To create an open-air environment, the sidewall will only be used at the front and rear entrance for performer privacy and to direct the public.
  2. Staff will be screened each morning and prior to each performance.
  3. All circus staff members will be required to wear a mask at all times, unless performing or in their personal trailer.
  4. No smoking signs, social distance signs and hand sanitizing stands will be placed just inside the tent on the left and right aisle way.
  5. Extra face masks will be on hand for any attendee who arrives not wearing one.
  6. Maximum occupancy signs will be placed at the front entrance.
  7. Attendees will have their temperature taken prior to entering the tent. Those outside the safe zone will be denied admittance and asked to return to their cars.
  8. CDC-approved EFFERSAN will be use after each performance on all bleachers and chairs.
  9. Bleachers will be reserved for family pods of 4 – 6 persons with 6 feet of separation between each pod. Chairs will be provided for individuals & smaller groups. Attendance will be limited to 250 person per show.
  10. Concession trailer is located outside of the tent and has separate windows for ordering and pickup. All food will be served wrapped or in closed containers.
  11. No condiment table will be provided. All utensils will be individually wrapped.
  12.  All employees who handle cash, credit cards or food will be wearing gloves and masks at all times. Gloves and masks will be changed after every break.
  13. Ring Master will make announcements throughout the performance to control social distancing, wearing of masks and requesting the audience applaud rather than shout for a good performance.