Dear Friends,

It has always been the goal of all of us here at the Zerbini Family Circus to provide our audience with the greatest Circus experience possible. It is our family tradition; it is our life.

The health and well-being of our patrons, staff and performers is our highest priority. And at this time we feel we must follow the recommendations of our States Governors and the President. We must put our tour on hold until this situation has stabilized.

Events have been cancelled nationwide. And, although we could continue touring, the restricted audience size would not be enough to sustain our business. A substantial number of people would miss out on going to the circus either due to limited audience size or fear of the virus spreading. This is not an acceptable alternative.

For now, we will do what most American’s are doing. Go home and wait for a signal from the CDC or WHO that things have improved. We will be suspend our tour effective immediately and plan to resume in 4 weeks on April 14th in Spartanburg, SC.

We will return to our tour soon, and look forward to visiting your community and the many others we visit every year. Please be safe and follow the recommendations of the CDC and WHO.

Thank you,

From the Zerbini Family and the entire staff of the Zerbini Family Circus